Wright is Wrong

According to the Chicago Tribune, Rev. Wright demonstrated commendable civic virtue and loyalty through volunteer military service during wartime, and pain me though it does, I agree.

I cannot criticize the man himself, nor his patriotism or sense of duty. These are proven. I can however criticize his ideas; that the US was morally responsible for 9/11, that the US government is conspiring to use AIDS and drugs against a specific genetic/cultural population (ie "black" people), Liberation theology, "black" or "African-centric" values which include a rejection of "middle-classnes", class warfare, or identity politics. I reject his ideas, his philosophy, I find them repugnant and without merit.

In my opinion, his world view is un-American (and without a doubt incompatible with my own) and I would venture false and self-destructive. I am certain he sees himself as telling the uncomfortable truth. This does not make him correct nor forgive these ideas. In a way I pity the him. How does a man get so wrong?

The real question is, of course, does his parishioner of twenty years share this philosophy, and if so what does that mean?
The Eye

Democrats, wrong again

Via the Lidless Eye, recommended for all.
So the Surge was a failure, huh? Bloody Copperheads trying to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Washington Times

Study's rankings indicate a more-stable Iraq

March 25, 2008

By David R. Sands - Iraq does not even crack the top 20 in an
authoritative new ranking of the world's most unstable places, to be
released today by the London-based private intelligence firm Jane's
Information Group.

The survey, an advance copy of which was provided to The Washington
Times, rates the Palestinian territories as the world's most unstable
country or territory, with Afghanistan, Haiti and seven African
countries filling out the top 10.

Despite an insurgency and sectarian strife dating back to the 2003
U.S.-led invasion, Iraq is listed by Jane's risk analysts at 22nd
among the world's 235 countries, territories and political entities,
on par with countries such as Burundi and Nigeria.

"There's no doubt that Iraq right now has perhaps the world's most
virulent insurgency within its borders, but the country has its
strengths as well," said Christian Le Miere, managing editor of Jane's
Country Risk, the journal that compiles the rankings.

"Despite its problems, the central government enjoys effective control
of large sections of its territory, and the economy is doing
relatively well in many sectors," he said. "Contrast that with, say,
Afghanistan, where the central government is very weak, the drug trade
is undermining the economy and the government cannot assert its will
over warlords who run much of the hinterlands."

The Jane's survey differs from a number of other recent global
rankings on the prospect for instability in Iraq.

The latest annual survey from Foreign Policy magazine and the Fund for
Peace put Iraq second, behind only Sudan, among the world's failed
states. A ranking by the University of Maryland's Center for
International Development and Conflict Management listed Afghanistan
and Iraq as the two countries at the highest risk for political

Iraq's oil exports have begun to recover just as world prices are
setting new records. Despite all its troubles, Iraq is looking at a
massive budget surplus in the coming years as its seeks to finance the
country's reconstruction, officials in Baghdad said yesterday.

Jane's, now owned by Colorado information company IHS Inc., is more
than 100 years old and has long provided private intelligence services
and risk analysis to clients on a private basis. This is the first
time it has made its global instability rankings public.

Mr. Le Miere said his firm's analysts rate a country's vulnerability
by measuring 24 factors across five broad categories â€" politics,
society, economy, military-security and external threats.

"In some ways, it's very difficult to define what a 'failed state'
actually is," he said. "We try to focus on objective factors that make
a country more or less likely to be unstable."

The Palestinian territories in Gaza and the West Bank are particularly
vulnerable for a number of factors, including a lack of border
controls, a violent power struggle between rival Palestinian factions,
crime and poor levels of public health.

Afghanistan comes in third, behind Somalia, where the central
government again has little functional control, borders are
unsupervised and public services almost nonexistent.

Pakistan is listed at No. 28, North Korea at No. 45 and Iran 69th in
the Jane's list, though the company acknowledges that getting reliable
data from a closed society such as North Korea makes the analysis more

Mr. Le Miere said some countries that have caused U.S. policy-makers
concern score well on his firm's analysis. The small Gulf states,
including Qatar, Kuwait and Oman, rank high in a number of stability
factors in the Jane's survey, ahead of many central and Eastern
European countries.

At the top of the Jane's spectrum, Vatican City, the papal enclave in
Rome, is listed as the most stable place on earth, followed by Sweden
and Luxembourg.

The United States rates 22nd from the top, tied with Canada in the
survey, with the "porosity" of American borders and the prevalence of
guns keeping the United States from a higher score.

Science News Flash

Say hello to data crystals; Today scientists at the University of California and the Dept. of Energy have made major advances related to quantum computing, using lasers and diamonds, 'Welcome to Babylon 5!'

Ants ARE perfect communists after all; In other news, a team of scientists from the universities of Leeds and Copenhagen have discovered that the classic model of communitarian utopia, the ant colony, is in fact a rigged game for certain royal or elite genetic lines. The Nomenklatura strike again!

That is all, continue with your day citizen.

Obama says 'Disarm America'

I rest my case. Whatever happened to 'Millions for defense, not one penny for Tribute?'

Fuck Obama, Fuck Obama with a trident. War and defense are the reason we have a state, they are one of the FEW functions that are directly supported by the Constitution of the United States. Bread and Circuses are not. Cutting procurement while in the middle of fending the new jihad is once again a bad idea. Fucktard. Gawd I hate copperheads, I can count the issues Dems have been right about since 1776 on the fingers of one hand.

I have Returrrrned

Sorry about the long absence my loyal readers (yeah right.) I had a spot of bother recently and had to quit my job and I ended up losing my apartment. But I'm back on my feet, and still engaged, so things are looking up. I might end up getting hired back, and I have an interview to look into IT courses at the ITT campus here in Big D. It's not gun smithing, but would you know it, there aren't a lot of formal gun smithing courses available. Huh. Anyway, the GI bill should help a bit there.

So What's New?

ManXome Foe by John Ringo was pretty good, if a bit predictable.

The Ice Bitch is going to loose the nomination, wow!

I'm not voting FOR McCain so much as voting AGAINST Jimmah Carter 2... I mean Obama.

I understand you folks who say they would rather see a four year disaster followed by Republican majorities, but hey, we got lads in harms way right now, crippling the forces during WWIII might not be such a great idea. Besides I still have inactive reserve time left, I don't want that man as my CiC, kay?

Well, there you have it.

I'm so sorry Aly, I know you feel a terrible compassion for those caught in the unintended consensuses of closing the border, but terrible news reported in the Washington Times shows that there IS a security risk to our southern border.

I'm all in favor of both economic aid and investment to assist Mexico, and setting up an Ellis island type gateway for unlimited legal immigration (properly vetted and documented of course), for our country should be the beacon of hope for all, "Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free..." should be as true today as it was then.

But we cannot, must not, cease to be vigilant until both our ragged borders are repaired and we have seen the forces of despair and terror, the barbarians at the gates, crushed beyond all hope of recovery.

Remember to take great assurance in the unfairness of the universe, wouldn't it be horrible if we deserved the terrible things that happen?

As always, Love.

That's it.

I've avoided saying it, I've even avoiding thinking it, I've been extraordinarily patient in extending Democrats the benefit of the doubt. No more. Congressional Democrats have proven that their party has learned NOTHING since the Sixties and Seventies. What Do I see in my news pile, that Congress has realized the error of their ways and funded the troops who are sitting in the sandbox attriting the terrorists who must have Americans to shoot at. No, their treason knows no bounds the Democratic party of the United States is using the payroll and the supplies for the Army of the Republic as a way of fighting with the executive branch, during wartime no less. Is this not Treason?

It doesn't matter how close we get to stabilizing the sandcastle over there, the Left doesn't want to. No, a victory for the United States would just ruin their day.

Keep in mind, these are the ones that could elected, that means the Democratic base is more Treasonous, more PinkoGreenieCollectivist Leftard-y. It will come to fighting in the streets, mark my words.