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SavageDoc's Meatwagon

Come get your Fresh Meat

7 April 1982
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24 years old. High school graduate. Enlisted Army three years. 45b10, E-4. Participated in Operation Iraqui Freedom I, i.e. kicking the Iraqui army's ass six ways from sunday, the sequal! Stationed in Germany for @ 1 year. Mmm, German Beer, you can almost forgive that conquering the world and slaughtering people thing. Addicted to science fiction novels, especially in the Jim Baen style. Horror literature stops at Lovecraft. Fantasy can still be done after Lord of the Rings, you just gotta work harder; like George RR Martin or Robert Jordan, although he's slipping.

Anyway, current college student, working at Borders Books, Music, and Cafe (thank you GI Bill!) trying to find time to role-play, wargame, paint miniatures, study history (Rome or 30 years war, haven't decided yet), and in general make a nuisance of myself. Diehard radical libertarian. Personally rather staid and conservative, untill I get drunk. If forced to choose betwixt Reps and Dems, I have to choose Reps; hopefully lower taxes, better defense, less bleedin' heart, no gun banning. Now if they could just shut up about morals.

If you're reading this you might have noticed my interests list. Yes it is a bit stream of consciousness, but that's what I'm like sometimes. And I am interested in just about everything, which is to say, just about any subject, from hanging a door to spliting the atom to angels dancing on a pin can be of interest if presented well. And I abuse commas, sorry poor dears.

Forgive the spelling, I'm a touch dyslexic and it is late here. Oh yeah, I'm a night owl as well, made early formation real fun.

The name? Well partly from my hero, Doc Savage, man of action. And partly from my real name: Joshua Doc Shaw. I blame my parents.

Yes, you may greet me with "what's up doc?"

Eaveryone else does.

Oh yeah, I live in the Great State of Texas, which happens to be part of the United States of America, go Uncle Sam! I make my home in the megapolis of Dallas, which I aim to abandon for the hill country as soon as I am able. Something about sitting on a a major transport and communications hub when other countries have nuclear weapons is a bit disquieting.

I have no pets, as my apartment complex is a no pet zone. I rather like dogs and can socialize with cats, but the feeling is mutual as far as I'm concerned (with the cats, not you). I'm a light smoker, a pack of cigarettes can last me a week. Trying to transition to a pipe. No not that pipe ya squeeler, a tobacco pipe. My prefered liquor is scotch. Tho' sour mash kentucky will do in a pinch. I'm pinched more often than not. My favorate author is currently SM Stirling, although Heinlein holds a lifetime achievment award. Go read Dies the Fire, it's fun, in a sick horrible way. Yet I stare, perversly fascinated... anyway. Music, well I'm fairly eclectic, but my top play list is held for Metallica (no St. Anger) and Iced Earth, followed by Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Black Label Society. Oh and honorable mention goes to; Clancy Brothers, Jethro Tull, Eagles, Carl Orff, Crosby Still and Nash, Doors, Moody Blues, Rolling Stones, ACDC, Megadeath, Ozzy Ozborne and Black Sabbath, Beatles, Oasis, Feul, Coal Chamber, and Johnny Cash. Neil Young can shut up now. I would rather slam my dick in a car door than listen to Brighteyes.

There, now you know, and knowing is half the battle. So go gossip already!

I'm done here, beam me up Scotty.

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